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março 01, 2009

marshall mcluhan (1911-1980)

"mcluhan believed that any language carries much more power in itself than any particular message that can be expressed through the language. he saw languages as corporate masks for the collective energy of their speakers."

"technologies create new environments, the new environments create pain, and the body's nervous system shuts down to block the pain (...).
this transition has involved a relentless acceleration of all human activity, so extensive that the expansionist pattern associated with the older technology now conflicts with the contracting energies of the new one."

"man is the only animal to control time as a dimension of his environment."

"society prefers somnambulism to awareness."

in gordon, w. terrence, hamaji, eri & albert, jacob, everyman's mcluhan (mark batty publisher, 2007).

este livro veio parar-me às mãos por acaso; só agora o li, mas o interesse já se instalou: vou ter de ler os originais de marshall mcluhan, onde ele fala sobre os media e como a sua influência na sociedade actual deve ser travada e controlada.