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julho 18, 2006

livro engraçado...

"holes: while you don't have to punch a hole in your wall to participate in punk shui, if you're not opposed to it (or attached to the deposit you gave your landlord), it's a remarkably cathartic experience."

"you don't have to have a coffee table in the middle of your living room. try having a bulky sculpture, a car tire, or just nothing."

"i had a client, marcia, who took all of the light coverings off the lamps and overhead lights in one room. she painted one wall fuchsia, another booger green, the third bright orange, and put mirrors on the fourth. she put a dead plant in the corner and burned some nasty incense so that the whole place just reeked. in the next room she put low lights, comfortable furniture, light gray walls that were pleasant to look at, and usually played nice low music. she saved the good incense for this room. she loved the shock caused by going from one room to another: «it's like jumping into cold water on a hot summer's day. a complete shocker: it keeps me awake."

"change the world you live in by changing yourself and people's perception of you (and your perception of life) one punk shui move at a time. as soon as we are confronted with the unexpected, a whole other dimension of our lives takes its turn. we become freer and less predictable by the minute."

in hughes, josh amatore, punk shui: home design for anarchists (ny, three rivers press, 2006)