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julho 17, 2006

pesquisa no google: heat and aggressiveness

critically consider research into the affects of environmental stressors on aggressive behaviour. 0ne type of environmental stressors is heat. anderson suggested that the hotter regions of the world tend to have more aggression than cooler regions. hotter years, seasons and days tend to have more incidents of violent crimes than cooler one. in support of this statement, mcfalane found that more drivers honked their horns more in a response to a car blocking the road at a traffic light as temperature rose. heat may have an affect on aggression because hot and uncomfortable conditions cause irritability that is prone to temper outbursts and negativity to others (griffitt).
Blogger Salsa Latrina disse...

E já que "heat" tem numa das traduções possíveis a palavra "cio", não fico nada surpreendido com as conclusões.

18/7/06 02:53  
Blogger cassandra disse...

:)) não tinha pensado nisso, mas se calhar só deixa agressivo quem não encontra satisfação sexual ou libertação desse cio... não?

18/7/06 09:54  

diz ...