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abril 22, 2005

d. h. lawrence e as odes ao corpo feminino ii

figs [continued]

the italians vulgarly say, it stands for the female part;
the fig-fruit:
the fissure, the yoni,
the wonderful moist conductivity towards the centre.

the flowering all inward and womb-fibrilled;
and but one orifice.

the fig, the horse-shoe, the squash-blossom.

there was a flower that flowered inward, womb-ward;
now there is a fruit like a ripe womb.

it was always a secret.
that's how it should be, the female should always be a secret.

there never was any standing aloft and unfolded on a bough
like other flowers, in a revelation of petals;
silver-pink peach, venetian green glass of medlars and
sorb-apples, shallow wine-cups on short, bulging stems
openly pledging heaven:
here's to the thorn in flower! here is to utterance!
the brave, adventurous rosaceae.

in d. h. lawrence, os animais evangélicos e outros poemas
(lx, relógio d'água, 1994)