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maio 02, 2006

bilhete de ida

"no hotel room has yet changed my life, but many of them have made me, unexpectedly and inexplicably, happy (...). since i took an assignment, four years ago, to write a newspaper column about traveling on a budget, i have stayed overnight in more than 200 different rooms. however not a single one has had a private fountain, 24-hour butler service, or authentic khmer stone goddesses embedded in the bathroom tile.
and yet, in spaces so tiny I can reach out while sleeping and touch both walls, in beds draped with pilled polyester covers, i have experienced great comfort, and profound peace."

daisann maclane, cheap hotels (taschen, 2002)


Anonymous Anónimo disse...

mais bibliografia sobre o assunto: Olivier Rolin, Suite no Hotel Crystal ;-)

12/5/06 12:07  

diz ...